Douglas is a quaint, rural town, home to many iconic natural landmarks in central Massachusetts. It’s the home of Douglas State Forest which offers activities such as swimming, boating, and 5,907 acres of land and trails to explore. The State Forest also gave rise to the woodcutting industry and the notable Douglas Axe Company. Driving around, you’ll see that many of it’s residents still have large stacks of wood around their houses, cut by themselves of course.

Douglas is also a part of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, placing it among crucial early American industrial towns. It also contains Wallum Lake and the Whitin Resevoir, adding to the natural beauty of the town.

If golfing is your sport, it has two vastly different courses located in the town. For cheap, all you can play golf, Edgewood Golf Course is the place for you. A great course for beginners and golfers of all skill levels, Edgewood is a fun 9 hole course that provides hours of golfing. If you’re looking for a more serious game of golf, Blissful Meadows lies right on the town border. It’s an 18 hole golf course, beautifully located and full of local tournaments and events.

Douglas Lawn Care Service Professionals

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