With a population of over 68,000 Framingham has become one of the largest growing towns in Massachusetts. So much so that as of January 1, 2018 it will have gained city status. Framingham has been a part of the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area since it’s incorporation in 1700.

It’s growth has been beneficial for its citizens as well. Framingham is one of the very few towns in Massachusetts to have met the legal requirement of 10% of housing be affordable housing. It has many more rentals than the surrounding towns, making it an inviting place to move to and live. The north part of town used to be large farmlands, but slowly transferred to properties for larger Victorian style homes. With the growth of the town, more condominiums have been built in those areas as well.

Home to Framingham State University, it has a college population as well. It also has the entertainment necessary for students as well as residents. There are two breweries in town, Jack’s Abby Brewing and Exhibit A Brewing, as well as many natural parks. They have Callahan State Park and the New England Wild Flower Society Garden in the Woods.

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