A small town located in the heart of Worcester County, Hopedale has been a great place for individuals and families to live for hundreds of years. Made famous by the Draper Corporation, America’s largest maker of textile looms in the U.S., Hopedale has continued to be a great place for local business. Located on the Blackstone River, it’s a part of the Blackstone River Valley National Historic Corridor, putting it in the company of many of the towns responsible for the boom of the industrial revolution in central Massachusetts.

We do understand the trials and tribulations with owning a home in Hopedale.  The kids, the pets, the chores, and the general upkeep.  What a lot of people tend to forget, the property value!  Not only do our lawn care services help keep your home looking gorgeous, but can also help increase the property value as well.  Many homeowners are able to take on the task alone, but many do have full time jobs, and not the most time on their hands.   This is where we come in, and take off the hat for you.  If you are looking for weed control, aeration, seeding or any other lawn care service, trust in StraightEdge Lawn Care inc.

StraightEdge Lawn Care Inc. is no stranger to Hopedale. We have been servicing Hopedale since our earliest days of operation, and have the experience and means to bring high quality lawn care to its citizens. We offer general lawn maintenance as well as other services such as lawn fertilizer, aeration, mosquito control, weed control, and others.

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