The second oldest town in Worcester county, Mendon recently celebrated it’s 350th Anniversary in 2017. It’s part of the Blackstone River Valley National Historic Corridor, leading to the town being an early center for industrial revolution. The town was first inhabited by the Nipmuc Indians and Nipmuc pond, as to whom the town high school, “Nipmuc High School” is named. In the indigenous language Nipmuc means “small pond place.” Despite settlement in the area, over 500 Nipmuc people still live in Massachusetts.

Besides its several parks, Mendon has other attractions as well. It’s the home of Southwick’s zoo, Massachusetts largest zoo. The Mendon twin Drive In is one of only three drive in movie theaters in Massachusetts. The town has some pop culture history as well. The band Aerosmith played their first show at Nipmuc High School (now Miscoe Hill Middle School) in 1970, eventually leading them to the smashing success they had throughout the decades.

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