Millbury has been a hub for industrial milling even before its founding in 1813. Getting its name from its many mills, it’s had a long history of milling, powered by the Blackstone River. John Singletary built a mill in 1753 on Singletary Brook, leading to S&D Mill, which is still in operation, making it one of the oldest continually operating mills in the United States. This mill is featured on the town seal as well. It also makes the iconic red stitching on MLB baseballs.

The town continues to be webbed throughout American history. President Howard Taft spent his summers here as a young boy and visited his whole life. The house he stayed at is commonly referred to as the Taft House.

Another benefit of Millbury’s location is that the rivers connect it to many surrounding areas. Now, the Blackstone River Bikeway is a bike path that links it to Worcester in the North to Pawtucket, Rhode Island in the South.

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