Since it’s incorporation as a town in 1780, Milford has grown to one of the largest towns in Worcester County with a 28,000 residents. Very quickly after its founding, Milford became a hub for industrialization and mining in the area. This lead from its unique location on the Charles River, Mill River, and Blackstone River, along with large quantities of Milford Pink granite. On the Mill River there were many fords, eventually giving the town its name, Milford.

Milford is home to other historic sites as well. Ted’s Diner was on the National Register of Historic places in 2000 as the oldest diner built by the Tierney Diner Company. Now Milford is a hub for local businesses, with new diners such as Jr’s Diner and Johnny Jack’s, popular dining where locals can indulge in breakfast food, whatever the hour may be. And to work off the amazing pancakes you can get at Johnny Jack’s, there’s the upper Charles trail which is a great 25 mile hiking trail in the area.

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