Located only twenty miles from downtown Boston, Millis is located in Norfolk County, right outside of the Boston Metropolitan area. Like many early towns near Boston, it was a booming town for industry. Lansing Millis, whom the town is named after, was a railroad entrepreneur and played an important roll in connecting Millis to places like Boston and Cambridge by railroad. This lead to the town having many factories, including a bell factory, organ factory, and organ pipe factory. The Herman Shoe company was also formed in Millis, and they provided most of the boots worn in World War Two. Further linking Millis to American history, Richardson’s Tavern has accommodated George Washington, Nathan Hale, and Marquis de Lafayette on their way to Boston.

In more recent history, The Millis Lights have gained recent fame for the town. With a beautiful display of over 40 acres of Christmas lights, over 7,000 visitors were recorded in 2007. Al Roker of the Today Show came to visit these lights and highlighted them on the show.

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