With an ever-growing population, Natick has been one of the up and coming cities in the Greater Boston Area. The town has had a 3.6% population growth in just four years, making it one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in the Boston area. This contrasts its roots as a small farming town back in the 18th century. It eventually became a factory town and became one of the larger factory towns in the area.

Since then, Natick has become a hot spot for culture and business. The Natick Center/Downtown Natick is the hub of the town, with all of the town services as well as train service to Boston. The Natick Mall is a premier shopping plaza with dozens of stores and nationwide businesses. Besides local business, Natick is home to a World War II Museum, The Center for Arts in Natick, Lookout Farm, Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary, Cochituate State Park, and South Natick Dam Park.

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