dreamstime_xxl_15680698What your yard is telling you…

Have you begun to notice that your yard is looking brown in certain areas even though you water it and give it the proper nutrition? You yard may be trying to fight a disease in which you are not even aware; those brown spots are not just annoying, they are your yard trying to tell you that something is wrong.

StraightEdge Lawn Care offers our customers lawn fungus control to combat those brown spots and other common lawn issues that are associated with fungus growth. Lawn fungus can take on many different forms, leaving you with rings, spots, or even slime. Once fungus is in your yard, it can be extremely hard to treat on your own.

Before we treat your yard, we identify that it, in fact, does have fungus growing and then work with you on our lawn care plan. Our goal is to mend what damage has been done with lawn maintenance, and give you the reassurance that the fungus will no longer be a problem that you have to deal with.

Be active about lawn fungus prevention

Every yard has fungus spores, but many times they lay dormant waiting for the right conditions to begin to grow and flourish. If the right conditions exist, lawn fungus can quickly turn into a very harmful threat to your yard’s healthy condition.

If your yard has fungus, it is not something that you can just ignore. Rather, call our lawn maintenance experts to help provide your yard with the proper lawn care it needs to fight what is growing. By stopping the fungus spores from spreading throughout your yard, StraightEdge Lawn Care implements our fungus control program and ensures that the health of your yard is in wonderful hands.

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