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If you love to entertain outside, one of the biggest disappointments is when you realize that your yard is filled with mosquitoes. Although they may always be there, you only ever notice them when it is prime time to be out and about around dawn and dusk.

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest problems for many of our customers; they are hard to spot and even harder to get rid of. When their tiny swarms infest your entire outdoor living quarter, it is no wonder that so many people request mosquito control for this problem. With many years of experience, our highly qualified technicians know how to get rid of mosquitoes for you and prevent them from coming back. You can enjoy your spring, summer, and fall mosquito free!

Protect your family’s health from fleas & ticks

At StraightEdge Lawn Care, we understand that your family is who you cherish. We are passionate about helping you take care of your family and your yard. Fleas and ticks are two pests that can impact the safety of your family more than you may know.

Attaching themselves to you, and even your pets, if ignored, they can cause potentially life-threatening illness. It is our goal to search the perimeter of your home to ensure that you are pest free and never have to worry when you are in your backyard. Improve the condition of your entire home with us! Call us today, and ask about our mosquito, flea, and tick control services. With our tick control services, you can rest assured the lawn pests in your yard are under control.

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