It starts with the seeds

Have you ever wondered how to get your grass thicker, fuller, and greener? StraightEdge Lawn Care in Whitinsville is here with the solution you have been searching for. Whether you are looking to repair damaged areas or would like an overall revamp, lawn seeding is a wonderful place to start.

Lawn seeding starts with having the right soil. Our lawn care professionals will take the time to treat your soil ensuring that when we lay the seeds down they are more likely to root themselves to the ground. When using lawn seeds, we advise that you follow our instructions as to not interrupt their sprouting stages.

There are many different types of grass that we can grow. StraightEdge Lawn Care will suggest what types will be best suited for your yard and your existing landscaping conditions.

Healthy grass where it counts

Have you ever noticed that in your yard, or maybe in your neighbor’s, certain areas of grass do not grow as well as in others? This may be due to the slope of your yard, where water pulls, or a variety of other conditions; no matter what the reasons may be, with seeding your yard can be full the whole season.

When you choose  StraightEdge Lawn Care’s lawn maintenance experts, we’ll work on an individual basis to truly understand what you are looking to accomplish through our services. With our lawn seeding techniques, you are offering your lawn an opportunity to flourish. If you would like to know more about what seeding could do for your yard, contact one of our experts today!

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